Sharing openly and freely: lessons, tests, and unit plans

I first developed this logo for a hoped-for consulting practice that unfortunately did not materialize beyond the planning stages. However, the idea behind Beyond Bricks and Mortar is as relevant as ever. This logo symbolizes the power the Internet gives teachers to share professional resources and practices.

When I first reached out to a small community of English teachers via NCTE-Talk in the early 2000’s, everything changed for me. I met online a vibrant, forward-thinking group that challenged my notions of what it means to be a teacher. Coupled with that cognitive shift, I was bolstered by their unwavering and generous support.

So, with that in mind, this site is maintained to share. I share openly and freely and ask only that all users abide by the following statement:

All lessons, tests, or plans published on this site have been developed by Ms Dawn Hogue for classroom use only. Public and private teachers may use materials published here for personal school use only and must attribute Ms Hogue as the source, including original url link. Unless stated otherwise, no answer keys are provided.

Commercial use is prohibited.

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