Mother’s Day, Poetry, and Technology

Take a moment to write your mother a hand-scribed note, suggests The Academy of American Poets ( To help you, they’ve created six lovely blank note cards (pdf files to print). In addition, you can choose from a nice array of Mother’s Day appropriate excerpts from poems to include as an epigram to get you started. There surely is a combination of card design and “poem”  just right for you to give to your mother. So, use technology to access this wonderful idea, to print a card, and to get your inspiration from a poet, but then go off the grid, so to speak, and write the rest in your own handwriting, reconnecting with the child you were, perhaps, when you first learned cursive. Or if cursive isn’t your thing, print your message. It matters not. What matters is the message and this time the medium. In our consumer culture where nearly every message we could convey is available prewritten for us in a card (in a store or an e-card), writing your own will be a special and unique gift to Mom.


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