Positive and Professional

A new post from Market Watch cites results of a survey by Career Builder that says not having a strong, professional online presence may cost you a job.

positiveYou’re ahead of peers from other schools who have not been pushed to create a personal brand and a strong ePortfolio. Kudos to you for all your hard work.

Keep in mind as you finish your ePortfolio that your audience is not your teachers. Yes, we’re grading your work, but your real audience is someone you haven’t met yet, someone who you will want to impress with what you know, with what you can do, and with how you have presented yourself online.

Review the requirements carefully and make sure you are not missing something.

Beyond that, take care that you’ve carefully proofread, checked all your links, and made sure everything looks good.

Senior Showcase 2015

showcase invite 2015

April 29



Parents, teachers, and local businesses have been invited. Be sure you’ve crossed all your T’s and dotted all your I’s. Ask for help when youcelebrate need it and let your teacher know about any special need or request asap. Of course you’re working to make your project spectacular!!

  1. About the Showcase
  2. New ! >> Showcase Practice Rubric
  3. Are you on the jobs list for this event? Don’t forget: List of students



>>>> Invitation Designer is Bailee Liebe.



English 12 Senior Showcase Promotional Design Contest!

cash No, you won’t win a bag of cash but, if your design is selected as the winner, your senior trip will be paid for.

All English 12 students* are invited to submit a hand drawn (in ink) or computer generated design (in color) and a tagline that represents the spirit and purpose of this year’s Senior Showcase.

All English 12 students will vote for their choice of design from the five best (selected by English 12 teachers). The winner’s design and tagline will be used on Showcase documents and promotional materials. In addition, the winning designer will also have his or her senior trip paid for. Students may submit up to three versions of one design/tagline combo as one entry.

The tagline should be integrated into a design that also includes the following:

  • English 12 Senior Showcase
  • April 29, 2015
  • Sheboygan Falls High School

The 3 ½ wide x 7 ½ inch high design must be vertically oriented. Fold a regular sheet of typing paper in thirds to get three vertical design spaces. Ask for clarification if you are confused.

All entries must be submitted to Mrs. Stahlkopf or Ms. Hogue by the end of the school day on Friday, March 20.

Winners may be asked to make minor modifications prior to publishing.

*Students who are not passing English 12 are not eligible to submit a design.