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Books I haven’t read, and won’t

People say “life’s too short” to refer to numerous things they choose not to do. Life’s too short to …. just fill in the blank with whatever you think is a waste of your time. For me, life’s too short to read bad books. I never did read the Twilight series, even though many of […]

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Revisiting a childhood favorite

I’ve been running out of my own books to read, but my last foray through the shelves brought me face to face with Lois Lenski’s Strawberry Girl, a book I had bought for my daughter because it was one of my childhood favorites. As I pulled it off the shelf and removed the crisp dust […]

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Another reason to read

Last fall, one of my students, a junior, pretty much felt that he did not need school, especially English. Reading was a waste of his time since he was already an accomplished musician. His milieu was notes, not words. Even if he did need words for lyrics, he no doubt had enough of those already […]

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Summer Book List

School may be almost over for awhile, but for me, my best reading days are ahead. I already have six books in my queue, and I hope I can get to them all before I need to read my assigned reading for the school year. I am currently reading Enrique’s Journey, a gift from a […]

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