AP English Speeches, A Wordle

I wanted my senior AP English Literature class to have an important experience for their end of the year project, something after the exam that would be personally meaningful. I also recognized that public speaking was not something we focused on in AP, but a skill they would need again and again in the future. So I decided we (I did it, too) would write and deliver farewell speeches as we make this transition in our lives, all of them to college, me to a life after classroom teaching.  They went into this project kicking and screaming (even at the end a few were still full of loathing for the project), but all in all the speeches were a huge success, some funny, some nostalgic, all revelatory, and many inspiring. This Wordle represents them all. I will miss this group of 11 seniors, but I know they will be very successful in the years to come. Stay in touch Hannah, Liz, Nate, Callie, Margo, Jamie, Kelly, Jimmy, Heather, Lilly, and Caitlynn.

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  1. BClark July 24, 2012 at 12:31 pm #

    Wow! 11 AP Seniors!!! What a dream! I had 45 last year, after 7 dropped.

    Thank you for all your resources and ideas! They are very helpful, especially when much of my time during the year is taken up with grading rather than planning, as you can imagine.



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